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Autopage RF-355T Car Alarm System


Autopage RF-355T
A car alarm protects the vehicle from theft. It deters
thieves and as such reduces the risk of car theft.



• 5-Button Transmitter

• 5-button sidekick remote control transmitter

•56-Bit random code hopping

•Anti-code grabbing

•Code learning / anti-scan

•Two car operational

•Dedicated remote panic button

•Dual polarity parking light flash

•Dedicated Horn output

•Back-up memory system

•Starter disable output

•Passive Arming & Auto rearm by-pass from transmitter

•5-Stage super bright LED Pre-Warning indicator valet / override push switch

•Error by-pass reporting Positive and negative trigger inputs




•5-Button Transmitter,56-Bit random code hopping,Anti-code grabbing,Code learning / anti-scan,Two car


•Dedicated remote panic button,Dual polarity parking light flash,Dedicated Horn output,Back-up memory


•Starter disable output,Passive Arming & Auto rearm by-pass from transmitter

•5-Stage super bright LED,Pre-Warning indicator valet / override push switch,Error by-pass reporting

•Positive and negative trigger inputs,Dual polarity keyless entry option ,Optional 2 Step unlock Car locator

function True last door arming Back-up memory system ,Second channel auxiliary output 3rd channel

auxiliary,Loud 115 dB electronic siren

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