Are All Car Window Tint Materials the Same?

Tinting your car means giving it perfect protection. It’s because car tint protects the interior of the car from the harsh UV rays and increases its lifetime. Not only your car, but you will be safe as well while driving because tinting prevents glare and makes driving smooth. 

Car window tint has many benefits, but the question is which material. Many car owners think that all the tint materials are the same and they can install any of them. The only thing that matters for them is how the tint is installed. 

Proper car tint installation is important for the long-lasting impact. So, we always recommend you to work with the best car tint installer in Cebu. But, along with that, the material of the car tint is also very important. So, you should choose wisely. 

To make the right selection, we have listed the different types of car tint materials below. 

Dyed car window tint 

This is one of the common and least expensive window tint materials. You won’t find any cheaper than this. 

The dyed car window tint is applied in layers, which absorb the sunlight as UV rays pass through. But, the thing is it doesn’t offer the best UV protection on the market. Its absorption ability is very limited. 

The biggest disadvantage of dyed car window film is that it needs replacement in less than 3 years for proper functioning. 

Metalized car window tint 

As the name suggests, you will find metal fragments in metalized tints. The working of metalized car window tint is very different from dyed car window tint. Unlike dyed tint, the metalized tint doesn’t absorb sunlight; instead, it reflects the sunlight. 

Compared to dyed tint, the metalized tint is much more effective at keeping the heat. 

One major disadvantage of metalized car window tint is metal micro-particles negatively impact radio or GPS signals. 

Hybrid car window tint 

The hybrid window tint is a combination of dyed and metalized car window tints. It includes dye as well as metal micro particles. It means you will get dual advantages and disadvantages. 

The hybrid car window tint is like a mirror on the outside. People around your car can see themselves without affecting your privacy. 

The disadvantage is the cost because it includes both dye and metal.

Carbon car window tint 

The carbon car window tint justifies its name because it is made up of carbon fiber particles. Compared to the tint materials discussed above, the carbon tint is more effective. The biggest advantage of carbon tint is that it doesn’t fade over time. 

Along with protection and privacy, the carbon car window tint gives a perfect look to the car because it has a matte finish. Talking about the benefits, it offers strong insulating features, meaning the heat out and cools in. 

Ceramic car window tint 

If you want something better than a carbon car window tint, choose a ceramic car window tint. The ceramic tint doesn’t contain dye or metal so it won’t interfere with any kind of radio, GPS, or phone calls as well as blocks more than 99% of UV rays from the sun. 

Other benefits of ceramic car window tint are that its sun reflection and the temperature insulation performance are at their peak and it increases the shatterproof benefits. This tint doesn't shatter into thousands of tiny pieces. 

A ceramic car window tint is a premium option. 

By now, you know that all car window tint materials are not the same. So, you should make the right choice and shouldn’t forget to work with a reputable car tint installer in Cebu.

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