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Our Company L.A. Window Films Philippines supplies and installs window films for residential and commercial projects in Cebu City and surrounding areas. With our films, you can get protection of up to 99.99% from the sun’s heat, security from break-ins, and privacy for your comfort. Our range of exclusive brands such as Nano-Tech from Japan and Heatblock from Korea gives us the advantage of providing extremely high-quality films, the latest technological advancements, affordability, and the best after-service to our clients, who have already reached more than 25,000 nationwide since 2003.

Be the Industry Leader with Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting plays a pivotal role in enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of a workspace. It aids in temperature regulation, lessening the need for a lot of air conditioning and lowering energy expenses. Commercial window tinting also gives customers and staff privacy, improving the atmosphere in the office. Additionally, it increases the longevity of furniture and equipment by shielding it from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Improved UV protection and energy efficiency not only result in cost savings but also show a company's dedication to sustainability, which may benefit its reputation. Window tinting is a useful addition to any professional environment since it is a wise investment that blends functionality and style.

Residential Window Tinting for the Most Comfortable Home

Residential window tinting is more than simply a style choice; it's also a wise investment with several advantages. It improves interior temperature control, which reduces energy consumption in your house. This results in lower heating and cooling costs which provide long-term monetary benefits. Moreover, window tint hinders damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancer, apart from tanning and burning. In addition, UV protection also prevents fading or damage to your carpeting, furniture, and artwork. It improves privacy, enabling you to take advantage of natural light without compromising security. Window tinting also lessens glare on screens and mirrors, making a home more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, it's a simple yet efficient method of enhancing your home's comfort, energy efficiency, and beauty.

The Best Window Tints for Your Home and Business

Window tinting has several advantages for both residential and commercial buildings. Your living or working space may be substantially improved by picking the correct window tint. You can choose from several window tinting options for both homes and businesses.

Solar Control Window Tints
Solar control window tints are designed to reduce heat and glare from the sun while allowing natural light to filter through. These tints significantly, improve comfort, energy cost savings, and reduce fading of furnishings. Solar window tints work best as residential as well as commercial window tints.

Privacy Window Tints
With the use of privacy window tints, you may keep natural light while preventing strangers from looking inside. This enhances privacy, reduces visibility, and reduces glare. You can use them in bathrooms, conference rooms, and residential windows facing neighboring properties.

Decorative Window Tints
Decorative window tints enhance attractiveness by providing windows with unique design possibilities, patterns, and branding. They are mostly used for commercial spaces, storefronts, and homes for decorative purposes.

Security Window Tints
Security window tints reinforce glass, making it more difficult to shatter, which deters break-ins. This offers enhanced security, reduced risk of forced entry, and some solar control properties.

Energy-Efficient Window Tints
Energy-efficient window tints assist in lowering heat gain or loss, enhancing a building's overall energy efficiency. You benefit from decreased energy costs, increased interior comfort, and less environmental impact with this.

UV-Blocking Window Tints
Excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause a risk of skin cancer, premature aging, liver spots, and wrinkles. Moreover, UV rays can damage the interior by fading the upholstery. UV-blocking window tints are designed to block UV rays, protecting occupants as well as furnishings from damage.

Our installation of residential commercial window tinting is smooth

We have a team of qualified and experienced installation experts who make sure to complete the job as soon as possible. Before installing residential or commercial window film, our technicians remove dirt and debris from all windows. This ensures that the film adheres to the surface without warping or bubbling.
Depending on your choice we apply window film on either your interior or exterior windows or both. Keep in mind that your choice of window film and the number of windows serviced also affect the installation time. When it comes to commercial window tinting, we deliver the most seamless installation that represents your brand image. After the completion of the process, you're guaranteed to fall in love with the look and feel of your window tinting at home or office.

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