Cheap Tint vs Ceramic Tint: Difference Explained by the Experts

Window tints are an affordable and convenient way of improving the quality and comfort of your car’s interior. Furthermore, installing the tints can add to the aesthetics of your car. They are mainly installed to keep the extreme heat of the sun out but they also provide you with privacy. There are several types of window tints available in the market however not all of them are created equal. So this blog is here to help you best understand the difference between ceramic window tints and what is commonly referred to as cheap tints. So make sure to carefully read the blog till the end.

What is a ceramic tint?

It is a type of tint that is specially designed for maximum heat and UV protection. The main difference between regular window tint and ceramic window tint is performance. Generally, ceramic tint can block 2-3 times more heat than any regular tint or cheap tint. It is designed to target and block infrared light through the infrared blockers present in the layers of tint or film. When it comes to choosing window tint, BF film ceramic tint in Cebu is the ultimate choice among users due to its top-notch performance.

Infrared radiation makes up 49.4 percent, visible light 42.4 percent, and ultraviolet rays 8 percent of the total solar energy. So we can see that sunlight comes with a large amount of infrared light. As the ceramic tint is crafted to target infrared light, it doesn’t have to be dark to be effective. Clear ceramic window tint works much better than the regular dark window tint.

You don’t face any signal interruption

If you are using any GPS or listening to the radio, other tints are likely to result in a signal interruption. On the other hand, ceramic window tints do not impede any signals. You will be able to easily navigate while listening to the radio or using the GPS when driving.

What are cheap tints? 

The word ‘cheap’ here is used to refer to the quality of the window tint. These tints are offered at low costs as they are cheap to make as well as cheap to sell. We can use a more technical term that is dyed window tint to describe these types of window tints. They offer very minimal heat protection and will fade or bubble with time.

Why do they fade or turn purple?

Some of the low-quality tints change color with time due to the way that color is manufactured in the film. Because of the low production costs, the manufacturers opt for shortcuts while manufacturing. The manufacturers mix the dye with glue or adhesive of the window tins in order to cut down the manufacturing cost. However, this results in quick fading after the installation because the dye cannot retain its color when exposed to the sun.

In a nutshell

The key difference between cheap tint and ceramic is the quality and durability. Cheap tints are designed for short-term and low-budget usage. On the other hand, ceramic tints are designed for long-term usage. They may look similar when they are newly installed however they turn extremely different after a few months. If you are planning to buy high-quality ceramic tints, opt for BF film ceramic tint Cebuat an affordable price. Contact now to learn about the pricing and more!

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