Hella Red Twin Tone Horn


Hella Genuine Electric Twin-Tone Horn Set, 12 V 
Successful all over the world. Type-approved to EC directives. Two trumpets, solid metal housing, impact-resistant trumpets; complete set
for mounting with relay and mounting brackets. Frequencies: High tone 500 Hz, low tone 400 Hz.


Horn Type: Disc Horn
Model: Snail Horn
Product No. : 3AM 002 952 521
Voltage: 12V
Frequency: 500 Hz (High Tone) , 400 Hz (Low Tone)
Sound Level : 110 dB
Construction: Solid red metal housing in impact resistant trumpets
Mounting: Bracket for Screw Mounting
Connection: Flat Plug
Dimension: 3.39" (86mm) Dia x 3.15" (80mm) Thickness
Weight: 0. 60 KG including Gift Box.

Hella Snail Twintone Horn Kit Consisted of:
- 2 Disc Type Horn
- 1 Relay 12V 30A 4 Pin, 4RA 965 400 00
- 2 Mounting Brackets
- Installation Instruction at the top of Box

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