What are the different types of automotive tinting?

The need for automotive tinting protection for your vehicle varies on the basis of the climatic conditions in your area. The primary function of tinting is to offer protection against the sunlight. No matter how cold is your region, tint protection is required against a minimum of sunlight as well. There are different types of tints that you can choose from. As a car owner, it is quite important to get automotive tinting protection; however, it is not easy to make the best choice. 

With sufficient knowledge regarding different types of tints and their functions, you can make a better choice when getting your car tinted. The following are some of the different types of tint options available for your automobile:

Dyed window tinting 

If you are looking for an option that fits right into your budget then this is the best tinting option for your vehicle. They are relatively affordable and use numerous layers of dye to screen sunlight. The dye is effective in absorbing the heat and stops the light as well. While this dye window tint is effective enough, it might be less effective than other options available in the market. 

Also, the opaque appearance of the dyed window tinting is an excellent choice for enhanced privacy. However, dyed tints fade away over time and need to be replaced. 

Metalized window tinting 

Metalized window tinting tackles the heat by reflecting it away. These tints do not utilize dye but the coating of microscopic metallic particles to offer protection from sunlight. These tiny particles are practically imperceptible and are incorporated into the film.

Besides offering protection against the light and heat of the sun, metalized tints are also effective in strengthening the windows. The glass becomes significantly resistant to shatter after the application of metalized tint. Also, metalized tinting offers luster to your window and it is scratch proof as well. 

Carbon window tinting 

The matte finish of carbon window tint is the major reason behind its popularity. Carbon is highly effective in blocking away the heat and the UV rays from the sun. Carbon window tinting keeps the interior of your vehicle considerably cool and protects the upholstery as well. 

Hybrid window tinting

As the name suggests, these types of window tints are a mixture of dyed and metalized tinting films. As a result, you can enjoy a combination of benefits when you choose hybrid window tinting. One of the most used hybrid combinations is titanium with grey dyed tint. This combination is neither too dark nor too reflective which makes it ideal. 

These were some of the popular automotive tinting options. You can choose the best tint for your vehicle on the basis of your budget, needs, and weather conditions in your location. Choose the right tinting option and enjoy the benefits. 

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