When Should I Change My Car’s Window Tint?

Tinted windows in a car make driving a more enjoyable experience as they enhance privacy, reduce heat inside the car and protect the car’s interior against the sun’s harsh UV rays. But, with time, the window tint gets damaged like other components of the car. And the thing is driving with a damaged tint is not a good idea. You should replace it as soon as possible with the help of an experienced car tinting service provider. 

The only problem that comes is when to change the car’s window tint. There is no such expiry date for the window tint. It depends on a variety of factors. So, you should understand the signs of damaged window tint to replace it at the right time. 

Signs that indicate your window tint need replacement 

When bubbles start to form

Bubbling indicates that you have used poor-quality film or the window was not cleaned properly before the tint installation. When grease, dust, or other contaminants get trapped between the glass and the tint, air pockets get created. 

Bubbles are not just an eyesore, but they severely compromise the performance of tinted windows. Soon, you might notice other problems because of the bubbles. So, if you see bubbles forming in your car windows tint, you should replace it. During replacement, make sure you use a high-quality film. 

When the tint is fading or turning purple 

Tint changes its color with aging. This happens because of prolonged exposure to the sun. Either the tint fades or the gray tint turns into a light shade of purple. As soon as you see changes in the color of the tint, you should replace it for your protection. 

The fading or color changing of the tint happens gradually. It even occurs at an uneven rate, forming dark and light patches on the windows. This even looks aesthetically bad. 

When the tint is peeling 

The tint starts peeling because of two major reasons. First, the years of exposure to heat and the sun’s harsh UV rays, and second, the deterioration of the film’s adhesive. Sometimes, the tint starts peeling just because of aging. The peeling process is slow but it starts affecting from the beginning. 

When the tint begins to peel more, you might notice screeching sounds when rolling down your windows. Even rolling down the windows accelerates the peeling of tint. To prevent the sound for the time being, people often remove the tint themselves. But, we don’t recommend it as it leads to more problems. 

When a car isn’t cool like before 

Window tint keeps the car interior cool during the summer by blocking the sun’s harsh UV rays. This reduces the use of AC as well. But, with time, the window tint is unable to block the rays and keep the car cool. 

If you find any difference in the temperature inside your car than before or AC isn’t keeping you cool, it means the tint film has deteriorated and needs replacement. Sometimes, the tint doesn’t seem visually wrong but loses its efficiency. So, you should replace it. This will also protect your car’s interior. 

If your car’s window tint shows any of the above mentioned signs, you should replace it soon. Contact us for the best car tinting services.

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