When Should I Replace My Car’s Window Tint?

Getting your car’s window tinted is a great idea. It enhances privacy and makes driving more enjoyable. Most importantly, the tint on the car’s window reduces the amount of heat inside and protects the car’s interior from UV rays.

The tint on your car’s window is just like other parts. Due to wear and tear, the tint gets damaged over time. And once the tint gets damaged, it doesn’t function like always and leads to many problems. The only solution to this problem is the replacement of the tint.

There is no specific rule or time to replace the car’s tint. It all depends on different factors. You just have to know the signs and the right time to replace the tint.

In this post, we will discuss the signs that indicate you should replace your car’s tint.

Presence of air bubbles 

Bubbles form between the glass and tint film when the poor quality film is used or when the windows are not cleaned properly before tint installation. You might find bubbles a few months or days after installation. The presence of bubbles not only spoils the aesthetics of the car but also impacts the performance of the tint. So, you should replace the car’s tint as soon as possible after any bubbles appear, hiring an experienced car tint installer in Cebu.

Change in car’s tint color

Due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the car’s tint starts changing color. Often, the dark grey tint turns to a light shade of purple. The color change or fading occurs gradually or happens at an uneven rate. The unevenness leads to the formation of dark and light patches on the windows. Fading is a clear sign that you should replace your car’s tinting. We prefer installing premium tints because they retain color for a long.

Peeling of your car’s tint

Exposure to heat and the sun’s harsh UV rays deteriorate the film’s adhesive and peeling begins. The film peels away from the window and hampers the functioning of the car’s tinting. The tint starts to peel away at the corners and edges and the process goes on very slowly. Due to the peeling of the film, you will notice screeching sounds when rolling down the windows. If you find that the film is peeling off, you shouldn’t try to remove it all by yourself. You will end up doing more than good. You should seek help from professionals.

Less cooling inside the car

When the car’s tint is new, it keeps the interior of the car cooler by blocking the sun’s harsh UV rays. But with time, the window tint is unable to block out the never like before, leading to reduced cooling in the interior of the car. If you notice that the interior of the car is hotter than normal, then it means either your AC is not working properly or the tinting film has deteriorated. If your car’s tint is visually perfect, you should get your AC checked before replacing it.

Fading of your car’s interior 

The primary function of the window tinting is to block out the sun’s UV rays to protect the car’s interior. If the car’s window is not tinted, the car’s upholstery will fade and plastic fixtures will crack on hot days. If these problems start happening even with tinted windows in your car, it means the film isn’t working. The film has deteriorated is no longer protecting your car from the sun. So, you should replace the tint as soon as possible.

The car’s tinting is for your betterment. So, you should replace the film on noticing any of the signs discussed above.

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