Will Car Tinting Service Protect My Expensive Leather Interior?

Car tinting comes with many benefits and one of them is protecting the leather interior. But, many people are very doubtful of the same. They are unable to connect car tinting services with the protection of the leather interior. They think these are two different things and cannot work together in any way. 

In this post, we will explain how car tinting can protect the leather interior. 

UV rays from sun and leather aren’t good friends- This is where car tinting comes in!!

Whether you have real or blended leather in the interior of your car, the harmful UV rays coming from the sun will damage it. The UV rays break down the leather product, leading to unsightly fading and cracking. 

Fading and cracking of leather is not the process of a day or two. It takes months and sometimes years. But, the effect is visible very soon, deteriorating the overall look of the car. 

As car tinting prevents UV rays from entering, it protects the leather interior. Even though your car is exposed to the sun for longer hours, nothing will happen to your leather interior because of car tinting services. Other things will damage leather but not harmful UV rays from the sun. And thus, the life of your car’s interior will increase and you won’t have to invest in it frequently. 

Are all window tints capable of protecting the leather interior?

Now, you believe that car tinting services can protect the leather interior. But, it can only be possible if you select the right window tint because all window tints are not the same. 

The window tint is measured in the percentage of light that the tint allows through the vehicle. Typically, the vehicles in the factory are assembled with a tint of 20/80% range. It means 20% of the film blocks 80% of the sunlight that it is exposed to. 

The range of the window tint depends on the state’s law. The state law defines how dark the tint should be. So, before you go for car tinting services, you should know what’s applicable in your state. It’s very important to follow the rules for car tinting. 

Once you decide the percentage range, you should select the type of window tint. Sometimes, you will find car tinting service providers offering only standard window tint, which isn’t very effective. You should check and analyze the other types as well for the best results. 

Types of window tint for your car:

Dyed window tints- In this, the experts tint the window with several layers of dye to get the shade that customers want. It’s cheap but not durable compared to other types of window tinting. The layers of dye remove quickly.

Metallic tint- As the name suggests, this tint comes with microscopic flakes. The metallic flakes are pressed into the film to increase durability. People prefer installing metallic tint because it’s inexpensive compared to others and is good for reflecting heat and UV rays. 

 Ceramic tint- It’s expensive but one of the best window tints to deflect harmful UV rays. According to experts, the ceramic tint can reduce 80-90% UV rays and infrared heat signatures inside the car. 

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, car tinting services will protect the interior leather. You just have to choose the right window tint type for your car. 

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